by Horse Thief

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Chris Dwyer
Patrick Orr
Alex Simoes



released March 7, 2011

Done and did by HT and Weird Conversations Productions

Mastered by Andy Cush

Artwork by Cazo



all rights reserved


Horse Thief Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Three Belles
Every child makes a sound
Along the border of this town
They learn there's no way out
No we are never getting out

There are guns in all of the trees
And they are daring us to leave
Before they're singing us to sleep
It's just the way that it's always been

When the morning breaks today
We'll move these boxes out of your way
And put your foot down on that spade
Every man digs his own grave

I'm digging up my own grave
Track Name: Jim is Dead
Oh my god, Jim is dead
And we think our time is better spent
Just trying not to dwell on it
We were doing fine till his parents walked in

They came for his things
And left with his things.

Oh my god, oh my god
Gone. Oh my god

Oh my god, Jim is Dead
Now we're acting like we just heard about it
Makes me think how strange life is
That we'd waste our time trying to forget
How it comes and it goes. Comes comes and goes.
Track Name: Free Drugs
Some beautiful girls I don't need to know
With nail-polished hearts that'll shine and never grow
Inside a pile of skinny bones
Oh they're trying, oh they're trying
Now she's trying and it shows.

In flipping the coin now we've landed on truth
We believe in nothing except the things that we can't do
And now I do not move; I am being moved
Through this crowd of distraction I won't amble my way through.

It shows.
Track Name: Friends Came Home
My friends came home today
From running in circles or standing in place
For what we call a vacation

And I hang on each word we say
About the past or how things have changed
Even if only slightly

When what you've got is not what you want to keep
All the days just blend and you never get to leave

My friends; they know
My friend; he knows
Track Name: "Barnstorm!"
We go forward.